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Widget overview

  1. Digg is a social news website.
  2. The Digg integration with Facebook connect allows users of Digg and Facebook to connect their accounts. When a Facebook account is connected to a Digg account, Digg articles can then be shared on the user's Facebook page.Facebook Connect also allows Facebook users to log into Digg with their Facebook account, thus bypassing the normally required Digg registration.
  3. Digg Dialogg allows Digg users to submit questions to a preselected famous individual who agrees to do an interview with a reporter chosen by Digg.

Configuration Options

  1. Username ( - this is user name of
  2. Number of posts to display- sets the number of posts.
  3. Background color- sets the background color.
  4. Background color of footer- sets the background color of the footer.
  5. Link color in footer –sets the link color of the footer.
  6. Border width (in px) - sets the border width.

Configuration Options