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Widget overview

  1. Zooomr is a website for sharing digital photos.
  2. The site is similar to other photo and image sharing sites with a number of so-called Web 2.0 features such as tagging, Ajax, RSS, and GeoTagging. Zooomr has a multi-login capability via OpenID. Other features include LightBox, which resembles a slide show allowing users to append short audio commentary to individual photos, SmartSets, which are dynamically-generated albums and PeopleTags, which allows users to add themselves inside photos and search for people inside photos. A feature known as "Zipline" adds a social-networking aspect to the site allowing users to send a message to one of their "contacts" or to see when a contact uploads photos.
  3. Recently added features include Notes, Portals, and an improved version of PeopleTags. They allow a user to draw boxes over sections of a photo in order to append a portion of text, to point out an individual in the photo, or to link to another photo.
  4. Zooomr has no limits on uploading, storing, and archiving photos.There is however a "PRO" account option, which is free of advertising and allows users to see who "Faved" and commented on their photos with a feature called "Social Stream". One inconvenience when opening a free account on Zoomr is that the user is not given the option to delete it, or to unsubscribe from the website.

Configuration Options

  1. Enter Your Username- enter your zooomr username.
  2. Number of photo (max 30)-you can set a number of photo but it should be below 30.
  3. Number of Column- sets the number of column.
  4. Photo Caption- shows photo caption.

Configuration Options