thruSocial now supports Facebook's Timeline

We're excited to announce that thruSocial now fully supports Facebook's new Timeline for Brands feature. This means that all existing tabs will work correctly after Facebook's required switch over date of March 30th.

All you need to do is edit your tabs with the thruSocial Designer to use the new wider 810px Timeline width and save them in the new format. If you wish you can also modify the layout of your tabs to take advantage of the wider pages, but you don't have to right away.

Here's some additional information you may need as you update your tabs:

  • Your custom built thruSocial tabs are NOT going away
Your custom created apps are now displayed below your timeline photo. All your current apps will be ported here as soon as you move to the new Timeline format.
  • Fan Gating will still work
Your "non-fans image" will continue to be displayed to all Facebook users who have not liked your page.
  • You get more space to design with (550px > 810px)
This update is exciting! Instead of having your design canvas width limited to 550px, Facebook now allows you to design custom tabs/apps with up to 810px in width. Our Facebook Canvas app on is being updated to reflect this change now.
  • You can now set custom images for each of your apps
Instead of being limited to our square logo, you may now set any icon you like to display for each one of your apps. To do this, follow these instructions:

click "admin panel", then>>edit page>>apps.>Edit settings. You'll be able to upload a 111x74 pixel custom tab image there.

We will also be updating the default logo for all of our most popular apps to reflect the change.
  • We're launching a new feature, mobile coupons, very soon!
We are currently working on an awesome new feature! Soon you will be able to send customers customized, real-time mobile coupons straight to their mobile phone. All of our premium, and professional users will gain this functionality. Upgrade now and get beta-access to this feature as soon as it is ready for testing.

Everyone at thruSocial is excited for all of the updates and we know that it will make all brands more engaging on Facebook. 

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have!


The thruSocial Team

P.S. If you have any issues or concerns please email our community manager, Jeff at